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What you need to know about Google's latest algo change: protect and improve your rankings!

Clearly Google rankings are what counts for your business. The news around the SEO world is about the latest webspam killer update Google launched last week.

The so-called Penguin update aims at de-ranking sites using spammy SEO techniques and now website owners are wondering what to do to avoid losing their hard-earned Google positions or recover from the changes that've hit their sites.

Follow these instructions to survive Google update unaffected.

How to proof your site against Google penalty?

In short, the anti-spam Google's combat lies on two basic aspects - content and backlinks. So here's what must be cut out matching Google's new sense of quality 100%:

Your pages content:

  • not stuffed with too many keywords
  • unique

The backlinks pointing to your site:

  • natural (not looking artificially built)
  • coming from quality websites

But how much is not too much? How do you know for sure, how many keywords will keep your pages relevant but not keyword-stuffed? What backlinks will inject the rank-boosting link juice into your site, without causing Google rage?

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