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Local SEO Explained

These days smartphones rule when searching for a local business. Attached is a nice infographic created by SurePayroll that explains Local SEO basics and some other resources that you may find interesting.

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Mobile-friendly website changes

If you have a website please read this if you care about the traffic your website receives. Starting April 21st your website search results could be significantly impacted by this Google algorithm change. Mobile search is the future and we believe that a responsive website is a must have. Identity Solutions has been building responsive websites as a standard practice for over a year and its a nice feeling to be an early adopter.

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Why do business owners need Search Engine Optimization?

In today’s market, owning a website has emerged as a must have for local business owners. In fact many organizations do have a website presence as an extension to their traditional business. However there is no denying the fact that a website is indeed the best informative channel of every service provider due to its ability to produce an intended result or having a striking effect specifically upon its customers in general as well as registering its existence and credibility in a field of expertise.

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