Are You Ready to Work from Home? 22 Apps for Working Remotely During COVID-19


With all the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, many businesses have either shifted to having their employees work remotely or have been forced to shut down temporarily and work from home.  Gallup finds that 43% of U.S. employees work remotely some or all of the time, and these new circumstances leave many small business owners working out […]

What Is Local SEO? Your 6 Step Guide to Amazing Local SEO Results.

what is local seo

It’s estimated that Between 30% to 40% of new customers find local companies through maps. Understanding What is Local SEO can help give a business strong map visibility to ensure that customers can find their companies. The benefits of local SEO can be profound for a business and its little wonder that so many companies look […]

7 Steps To Planning an Amazing Business Website

7 Steps To Planning an Amazing Business Website

Regardless of what aspect of a business we talk about, planning is everything, and this holds true when you are planning an amazing business website as well. Today, businesses, big and small, from every sector need to have an online presence, in the form of a website. It gives you the visibility you need, helps […]

Understanding your website goals

Achieve Your Business Website Goals

There are so many companies these days utilizing the internet as a marketing resource that you need to really understand what your goals as a company are. It’s not good practice to look at the competition and copy what they are doing you need to focus on what is a positive strategy for your company. […]

Why Website Maintenance is crucial to the success of your website

Website Maintenance Montgomery County PA

Just like any software apps that you currently use daily in your business, websites require maintenance, updating and your attention to keeping the site working properly. Avoiding website maintenance and upkeep is like not having regular oil changes on your vehicle and we all know that not changing your oil could be detrimental to a […]

Local SEO Explained

Local SEO Explained

These days smartphones rule when searching for a local business. Attached is a nice infographic created by SurePayroll that explains Local SEO basics and some other resources that you may find interesting. Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior by Google. SEO Services by Identity Solutions

Mobile-friendly website changes

Creating a Mobile Friendly Website

  If you have a website please read this if you care about the traffic your website receives. Starting April 21st your website search results could be significantly impacted by this Google algorithm change. Mobile search is the future and we believe that a responsive website is a must have. Identity Solutions has been building […]

Why do business owners need Search Engine Optimization?

Small Business SEO Services Montgomery PA

In today’s market, owning a website has emerged as a must have for local business owners.  In fact many organizations do have a website presence as an extension to their traditional business. However there is no denying the fact that a website is indeed the best informative channel of every service provider due to its […]